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Product Details

We use distillate in all of our capsules, sparing no expense for you our customer. We have 3 different variations as seen below...



Hocus Focus

25O mg of CBD
10 capsules per package, each capsule contains 25 mg of CBD.
 The name Hocus Focus comes from our interpretation of what this capsule does for you, with little to no THC they are non psychoactive and keeps you clear-headed throughout the day....



150 mg of CBD
50 mg of THC
3:1 ratio
There are 10 capsules per package with 15 mg of CBD and 5 mg of THC per capsule.
 The name Remedy comes from our interpretation of what this capsule does for you. We find the 3:1 ratio of CBD and THC is the perfect combination to help with those days when you are sore or are in chronic pain, with only five mg of THC, this capsule won't put you in couch lock!


Green Dream

100 mg of THC
10 capsules per package at 10 mg of THC per cap.
Green Dream was originally Green Flash, unfortunately we had to explain the name about half the time and switched to Green Dream. These capsules are designed to help you get to sleep, or to help in case you are in severe pain.