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 Jeffray Lewis and Kathy Mackel

Jeffray Lewis and Kathy Mackel

About Us

Haystack Caps was founded in late December 2015 by Jeffray & Kathy by accident. Jeffray had been sober since January 20, 1993 and, after several car wrecks, he suffered from chronic back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and insomnia.  While visiting Oregon Coast Cannabis, he jokingly asked Hannah and Andrew when will they make a strain for alcoholic/addicts? They replied "go home and google Charlotte's web strain."  We did, and that started it all. 

They spent the next year and a half perfecting the recipes -- moving from a crock pot in the kitchen to building a lab facility in Seattle. They use the best flower available and extract it into a beautiful gold distillate, only the best for Haystack Caps' clients!

They have recently decided to add Haystack Xtrax and Haystack Pets to Team Haystack.

Jeffray and Kathy spend half the year in Woodinville, Washington and Cannon Beach, Oregon -- home of Haystack Rock -- the inspiration for the name and vintage beach theme of branding.  They have two wonderful sons, three dogs, and are passionate about dog rescuing in Puerto Vallarta, where they vacation and bring back severely abused dogs to new and loving homes each year.